The RPM Podcast to become Official Podcast of the ATQMRA

Beginning in 2018, the Hoosier Mid Atlantic American Three Quarter Midget Association powered by VP will have a new media outlet broadcasting results and information about our series.

The RPM Podcast, established in 2015, is a leading motorsports broadcasting provider within the podcasting industry. Whether it be about your local short track, the national levels of NASCAR or everywhere else in between, the RPM Podcast covers it all on a weekly basis engaging fans all along the way.

Per this new agreement, for the entirety of the 2018 Hoosier Mid Atlantic ATQMRA season the series will have a featured designated segment on the podcast during weeks revolving around our 2018 racing schedule. Included within these segments will be race event previews and results, driver interviews and much more.

Currently the RPM Podcast features on average over 500 listeners a week throughout various media outlets, including iTunes, SoundCloud and YouTube.

“This is an exciting partnership as we look to expand the ATQMRA brand,” stated ATQMRA President Buddy Sload. “The RPM Podcast has become a must listen for myself and many of our members and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for the ATQMRA in 2018.”

With RPM becoming the official Podcast of the ATQMRA, the RPM brand logo will be featured on all ATQMRA competitor’s cars for the 2018 season. Furthermore, the RPM Podcast will be featured on the official ATQMRA website with direct links leading listeners to each week’s podcast.

The new podcast segments are set to begin within the coming weeks, with an official schedule featuring driver interviews to be announced. For more information regarding the RPM Podcast, please visit